Gary Metzger, who was internationally known as “the Coach’s Pro”, is Back to Tennis.
Gary couldn’t stay away from the sport he so much loves!!!
Gary has taught thousands of people how to play and teach the game of tennis. Gary has over twenty years’ experience and is a Member of the United States Professional Tennis Registry, and influence with over 16,000 teaching Pro’s, in over 125 Countries around the world.  Gary is the Chairman, C.E.O. of the Gary Metzger World Tennis Academy, based in Florida, and a former National Junior Tennis Player and Touring Professional. 
         Gary has appeared on National Television Shows, including the Tonight Show, 60 Minutes, NBC Sports World, ESPN, and other sports program. He has also been featured in several news publications, various celebrity Golf and Tennis events, both National and International.
         His years of World Class Coaching has brought a very impressive player list- Pierce, Capriati, Brown, Jones, Rosen, Raskin twins, Addison and more.
Summer Camps
The Gary Metzger World Tennis Academy, GMWTC for short, will offer a full or half-day tennis camps that will include instruction in all areas of the game.  These week-long Summer Camps for ages 5-18, will focus on individual instruction for all participants at each skill level.
U.S.P.T.R / U.S.T.A Certified Pros
Video Analysis
Instruction for all ability levels
Lunch / Snacks at break / Drinks
6.1 – 8.1 Ratio, Participants / Instructors
Friday Field Trip TBA
Weekly FEE
    $89 (Half Day Camp)
    $119 (Full Day Camp)
Lunch Program Available
Discounts for additional children in the same family on the Full-Day Camps
Months: May, June, July, August; Every Monday through Friday
Typical Daily Activities
8:30 AM - Group Roundup
9:00 AM - Tennis Footwork / Talk
9:30 AM - Fitness Training   
10:00 AM - Intense Drills /Corrective Stroke Pattern
11:00 AM - Swimming
12:15 PM - Lunch Break
1:00 PM - Video / Movie Time
2:15 PM - Intense Drills / Key Psychology
4:00 PM - Activity Time / Matches

5:00 PM – Camp adjourns

Limited Space available for this popular camp
So, Register NOW!!!
Deadline for Registration is One Week Prior to the Week You Sign-up for; late registrations will be assessed a $5 late fee.
Programs and fees subject to change without notice.

Ask us HOW you can attend these camps for free!!!

Junior Academy
GMWTA Juniors Mission Statement
     Our mission is to create positive life long goals for Juniors of the highest values through athletics; build self-esteem and literacy in school, on the field and in the community, teach team dedication, honesty and fair play and emphasize fun, wholesome activity, and fitness through participation in sports.
Winners find Ways                       Losers find Excuses
Private Lessons Packages
                                                             ½ Hr.                    1 Hr.                  3 Hrs.               6 H
Gary Metzger                                 Advance Reservation Required
   Tennis Director                                 $60                       $100                  $255                  $450
   Pro Staff                                            $35                       $59                     $155                 $265
Group Lessons (All Levels Min. 6 People) per Hour
Gary Metzger            Advance Reservation Required
Tennis Director                                                         $18
Pro Staff                                                                   $11
Video Analysis                                                         $15
After many years of working with young people, our world class staff can easily recognize the requirements of a serious competitor who wishes to increase their skill and technique for personal confidence in a championship way. Our players receive the following:

 Training from qualified instructors to produce technically sound stroking patterns.

Strategy sessions to develop self confidence through understanding of proper principals and practical application.

Aid in acquiring sponsorships through excellence for the dedicated player.

Intense Drilling, Footwork, Fitness, Key Awareness, Psychology, Travel Team, Home Work Time. 

   Daily                          $49
     Weekly                        $165
      Monthly                      $500
                         3 Months                    $475 (price p/M)
                         6 Months                    $450 (price p/M)

Gary Metzger, who is internationally known as the coach's pro, has taught thousands of people how to play and teach the game. Gary has over twenty years experience and is a member of the United States Professional Tennis Registry, and influence with over 10,000 teaching pro's in over 122 countries around the world. Gary is Chairman C.E.O. W.T.A. former National Junior Tennis player and touring professional.



772-340-1444, Ext. 6