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Course Guide

St Lucie Trail Golf Course

Welcome to St Lucie Trail Golf Club

St. Lucie Trail Golf Club is situated on an indigenous Florida footprint that offers expansive nature views on almost every hole. Turn the corner. View a layout and natural features that feel anything but predictable. The back nine and the front nine share a palpable flow but retain their own unique flavor. The course goes from challenging to forgiving depending entirely upon the tees you choose. Florida’s changing weather, wind and varying elements transform the playing experience every time you join usSt Lucie Trail Golf Club was designed by Jim Fazio in 1989, and revitalized in 2014 under the direction of St. Lucie Trail Golf Club Superintendent Dick Gray.

Matt Boyd, PGA
General Manager

Front Nine

Hole #1

A reachable yet challenging dogleg right Par 5, a drive in the fairway is a must here

Par 5 - 515 Yards

Hole #2

Directly into the prevailing ocean breeze, this challenging Par 3 can be overcome with a tee shot on the green in regulation.

Par 3 - 220 Yards

Hole #3

Jim Fazio was kind enough to provide a generous fairway on this challenging Par 4, but don't get careless, as Out of Bounds lines both sides of the hole

Par 4 - 458 Yards

Hole #4

A nicely placed tee shot will leave you with a wedge or short iron into a large receptive green.

Par 4 - 374 Yards

Hole #5

Straight into the breeze and water lining the entire right side of the hole, this challenging Par 4 requires a long tee ball down the left side.

Par 5 - 415 Yards

Hole #6

The second most difficult hole on St. Lucie Trail requires an accurate tee shot for those looking to post a respectable score.

Par 4 - 418 Yards

Hole #7

A large ridge separates the front from the back half of this huge green.

Par 3 - 197 Yards

Hole #8

A nicely placed tee shot between the fairway bunkers, will leave an opportunity to go at this green in two.

Par 5 - 510 Yards

Hole #9

With the clubhouse view in the background, this beautiful dogleg left Par 4 can provide golfers an opportunity to finish the front nine with a birdie.

Par 4 - 407 Yards

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Back Nine

Hole #10

This short straight-away Par 4, requires an accurate tee shot in the fairway.

Par 4 - 384 Yards

Hole #11

This is a true three-shot Par 5. Placement off the tee is vital, with a large bunker on the left side of the fairway.

Par 5 - 549 Yards

Hole #12

The easiest and shortest of all the Par 3's. The only place you cannot miss is right of the green.

Par 3 - 176 Yards

Hole #13

A slight dogleg left Par 4, provides an abundance of fairway and a bailout area right.

Par 4 - 409 Yards

Hole #14

This starts the series of the great finishing holes at St. Lucie Trail Golf Club. Don't be fooled by the second shortest Par 4 of the course.

Par 4 - 368 Yards

Hole #15

Big hitters can take it over the fairway bunker, however, be weary of out-of-bounds that borders both sides of the fairway.

Par 4 - 425 Yards

Hole #16

Anything more than a hybrid brings the large waste hazard into play on the right, while out-of-bounds is dangerously close on the left.

Par 4 - 342 Yards

Hole #17

Often into the prevailing wind, this Par 3 can be a bear without a green in regulation.

Par 3 - 184 Yards

Hole #18

A beautiful finish with the clubhouse in the background, this long Par 5 should be played conservatively as trouble lies right and left throughout the entire hole.

Par 5 - 550 Yards
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